San Diego County Baseball Umpires Association

2023 Registration


Welcome to the SDCBUA - Prospective members FAQ page for 2023 season!

San Diego County Baseball Umpires Association

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What is SDCBUA?
Answer: The San Diego County Umpires Association (SDCBUA) has been providing baseball officiating services since 1947 in San Diego County. Our mission is to recruit and train baseball officials for assignment to youth, high school and college leagues and tournaments.


2. When are the games?
Answer: SDCBUA provides officials on a year round basis on any day of the week. High School games usually begin between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm on weekdays. Youth league weekday games usually begin at 5:00 pm. Weekend game times will vary by league or tournament.


3. How do I receive my assignments?
Answer: The assignment secretary will assign your games through the Arbiter website ( You can control when you are available for assignments in Arbiter.


4. How much can I expect to earn?
Answer: The game fees vary based on the level of the game. Currently,the game fees range from $60 for a high school freshman game to $80 for a high school varsity game . Youth league game fees range from $40 to $60.


5. How do I get paid?
Answer: There are a variety of payment methods which include cash on the field, payment through Refpay, a check from a high school or a check from the SDCBUA.

6. Will I receive a 1099 for tax purposes?
Answer: Yes. Since all of our umpires are independent contractors, we do not deduct any payroll taxes but the Treasurer will issue you a 1099 for payments from SDCBUA and the High School districts will also issue you a 1099.

7. Will I receive any training?
Answer: Yes. The training for first and second year members will begin in October 2019 and end in March 2020; and will include both classroom and field training.

8. Are there any other requirements?
Answer: Yes. In order for the Assignment Secretary to assign you any games, you must be certified. The certification requirements include paying your dues and assignment fees, having proof of liability insurance, passing the National Federation High School (NFHS) exam, passing the Official Baseball Rules (OBR) exam, complete the concussion training, and registering on our web site.

9. How much are the annual membership dues?
Answer: A first year umpire will pay a total of $150 for your  membership dues and assignment fees. Regular members pay a total of $225.

10. Are there any other costs?
Answer: Yes. You will need to purchase umpire gear, uniforms and liability insurance. Umpire gear and uniforms can be purchased through various online retailers.

11. I’m interested in becoming an umpire for the SDCBUA, what is my next step? Answer: f you are still interested in joining our Association, and we hope that you are, please click on the link below to provide us with your contact information so our Training Chairperson can contact you.

Battlefield to Ballfields - Scholarship INFO



A person applying for a scholarship must be:

·        at least 18 years old

·        currently serving or have served in the United States military

·        must be living in the United States

·        first year official (not officiate before)

Please register with your local sports officiating association before or at time of applying for scholarship. Keep your receipts as we will reimburse you for your dues.


We use to verify military status. Please click on to verify your military status after successful completion you will then be able to start the B2B application proccess.


B2B scholarship is for 3 years

1st year includes:

1.     “Starter package” uniform items for the sport you receive scholarship for from our authorized supplier. Any extra items are purchased at applicants own expense.

2.     Local officiating dues

3.     NASO (National Association of Sports Officials) membership which includes, comprehensive liability insurance coverage, a full subscription to Referee Magazine special discounts at hotels and uniform suppliers (10% off ump-attire). Visit: for all of the benefits. (we pay this directly)

4.     Get it Right (football only) (we pay this directly)

2nd & 3rd year includes: Local officiating dues & NASO (National Association of Sports Officials) membership

B2B does not directly provide officiating training this will come from your local association.

Experienced Umpire? Click here for info on transferring!

Non experienced Umpire? Click here to start your umpiring journey!